jones vs. the volcano

“Really? That’s the title of your first post?”

Sarabeth is curious. She wants to know if all of my posts will have a movie title embedded in the post title in some form or fashion.

Well… no… maybe… I don’t know… It might be a cool little caveat to add, but you know, one day I’m going to run out of relevant titles to use, and then I’m going to be toast, and I’ll have an awesome post about something really great, and all I’ll have to use for the title will be … Pootie Tang.

(by the way, I pledge right now to not use “…” anymore today)

The Volcano that opposes me is the battle of leadership. It’s hard. Really hard. And, it is the profession that I have chosen. For the last several years I have been a Creative. It’s a wonderful gig, and I highly endorse the calling, but a year ago, I opted for the challenge of leading Creatives. I made the move for a thousand reasons, but what has risen to be the major purpose for such a shift is that as a Creative, I learned a bit about how Creatives should be led – how I have enjoyed being led.

Remember that EDS superbowl commercial from about a decade ago?

That is how it feels at times. Lead the person, yet give them the freedom that they deserve so that they can mine the gold which only they can find. They are all brilliant, and hard workers, but never the less, I represent the man, and when things get tight, I have to be the @#$ that rides them to produce.

I’m out of words now.


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  1. i’ve got to get one of these. elsewise, how can i keep up with the jones’? love your words. don’t run out.

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