dazed and confused

Obvious? Does it always have to be obvious? …or literal? Everytime?

For Creatives, it is mandated that we communicate creatively. It’s not a requirement written in a job description, it’s a need that lives in the soul. Sometimes the concept is too creative, and that’s cool, because if all ideas are accepted, then the work is acceptable. We don’t want to be acceptable. We want to be remarkable.

Ramble, ramble, ramble, I think that I am using up all of my words, here. What I am getting to is this: Whenever a creative sells a concept to a client or AE we go through a rationale, pre-sell, explanation about why the concept is the best one in the world and why no other creative concept could possibly be as excellent as the one that – through hours and hours of “online research”, Project Runway/UFC channel-surfing, Cap’n Crunch-eating, mental olympics caused by fear of derivation, next best-thinging and sometimes costume wearing – we have just given birth too! Hallelujah… Holy Sh@%… Where’s The Tylenol.!?!?

But, like I said, sometimes we can be too creative. For the folks who have a hard time understanding how a creative piece is going to sell their product, Diablog Cafe has created the Account Man Pop-Up to give the audience the unbelievably obvious translation that they may need. It’s brilliant. Enjoy.

I’m out of words now.


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  1. i’m jealous. or is it just that i fancy myself a Creative, too, and feel a need to make my mark? which is probably why i’m just adding comments right & left. not because i really have anything raw, new, introspective, inspiring, wise or lafftilusnort funny to say. i’ll work on it. but until i dig down deep and find enough material to start my own, just expect the inane comments from time to time! and pray that i don’t actually title my blog “free millie”

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