dirty rotten scoundrels

Last week we launched the new site for CJRW . “We” consists of my team Duke Boyne, Mikel Holloway, Adam Birkner and me.

CJRW Interactive Team

I am really glad to work with them. Our work is challenging, and it is great to see these challenges through their creative eyes. We hear “not for this project” a lot, but as I’ve said before , that’s a good thing.

It would be a shame, If I did not give Ross Cranford a bit of credit here as well. Operating as the AE/Client on this project, Ross had a definite impact on the design and now on the day to day production of the posts.

The CJRW site was a bit of a pickle, because we had to walk a thin line bordering creativity on one side and established corporate culture on the other. Months went into the discovery/execution on this mofo, but the result is a site that we are all proud of.

Philosophically it’s a success because we wanted it to be low-fi with all of the “pretty” coming from work that we have produced to make our clients successful. Ad agencies are servants. We don’t need to bang our own drums. We bang for the clients, and in return (if the work is good), our prowess is understood.

Aesthetically it’s a success because Adam bent some open source code to make it a simple blog interface, and Duke made a fun toy for us to play with. Three cheers for my team.

I am out of words now.


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