happy texas

Last weekend I went on a solo roadtrip to Kerrville, TX to celebrate my siter, Jessica’s, college graduation. For those of you trying to do the math, I’ll give you a hand. It’s a 12-hour drive from Little Rock to Kerrville.

(Happy Texas, it just makes my Texas heart happy)

(Sidebar – On the drive down, I got a call from work that we were announcing the acquisition of an Ad Agency in Dallas, and that we needed to add their contact information to our site. I pulled into a McDonald’s in Texarkana, whipped out the MacBook Pro, and made the change right there in front of a double-cheeseburger. wow. – end of Sidebar)

I used to make trips like this often wayback in my early twenties, but with the advent of parenthood and careerhood, these are really rare occurances. Jessica has been going to school off and on for 21 years, and it has not been easy. She has four children, and many jobs, and I am immensely proud of her for pulling this off. I was in no way going to miss this celebration.

I’m grateful for this trip because I got to see dear family, and for the fact that I got to drive through the hill-country and listen to some really good country music. My musical tastes are all over the place. From age 0 to 6, I grew up in the country, so my roots go to Glenn Campbell/Jim Croce/Kenny Rogers/Don Williams. From 7 to 10, I lived near South Padre Island where Adam Ant/Loverboy/J. Geills Band rocked my Eight-Track. Then from 11-17, I grew up in San Antonio in a cassette soup of Van Halen/Black Flag/U2/Footloose/George Strait/NWA/Toad The Wet Sprocket/Def Leppard/Run DMC/The Indigo Girls/The Cure/The Innocence Mission/Jerry Jeff Walker. In college there was no money for new music, so I just wore out my David Wilcox CD.

All of those influences play a part in my soul, but there is something about driving through Texas listening to music that was brewed there, (sidebar – They have their own music chart. – end of Sidebar) that is a necessary ingredient to my life. It’s true, I need it. Without it, I forget who I am.

So on this trip I reconnected with my family, and with a dormant part of me that was found on a strip of highway 290 between Dripping Springs and Johnson City. And, just in case you didn’t know it, Reckless Kelly is the best band in country music, hands down.

I am out of words now.

ps here’s a little reckless…