high fidelity

I’ve been holdin’ out on this title, “ High Fidelity.” It’s just too good to waste on a lesser post. (as if this is Life-changing stuff that I write here … woo-hoo!) Never the less, I don’t want to disappoint you.

High Fidelity

This is not a short and sweet top five list like the ones that made the movie connect so deeply with its audience. However it is about music, which is a need as basic to human existence as food and love… and SNL.

If your feelin’ me, then you too (nice pun) are a Music Hound. I had a little bit of free time over the holiday weekend, so I jumped around to the best music blogs that I know and created a new link category just for you. You know who you are, and if you don’t, here’s a hint: You Never Listen To The Radio! There’s no need for an intervention. I’ll admit to music dependency. I have no problem with that.

I love music, but the only instrument that i can play is called a File. Before that it was known as a CD, and before that as a Cassette Tape. Even though I am instrumentally incompetent, music means a lot to me. Uncovering some rare song by a favorite band, or learning about a great new artist can really make my week. And then If you are anywhere within my reach you will be subjected to hearing all about them. I can be kind of imposing, at least that’s what Sarabeth says.

I’ve been a frequent-flyer on some of these blogs for a while, and because of them I’ve found several new tunes that are now some of my most played songs. (today’s jewel that I uncovered- Prince’sI Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man – covered by Eels.) In keeping with my overbearing personality, I am now forcing them upon you all in blog form. Lookin’ for live, check out Superb Live. Whimsical mood? My Old Kentucky Blog. Indie, check out Come Pick Me Up. Looking for covers, Copy, Right? is your friend. There are lots of options here. I could go on and on, but….

I’m out of words now…