the man with one red shoe

Not Penny’s Boat

It’s Wednesday, and my friends from  Lost aren’t going to drop by for their weekly visit. I miss them already. They’ll be back this fall, I know, but tonight just won’t be the same.

Sounds pretty pitiful, huh. Nice. This week I’ve brought up my dependence on music, and now my addiction to a TV show. My kids will be so proud of their “Big Bad Dad.”

So without a fresh episode of Lost, how about a juicy conspiracy theory about the best show on television. (best show if you’re not counting Trick My Truck, The Real Deal, Flip This House: San Antonio, Best Week Ever, The Office or Project Runway) I… I… I have a problem.

I am out of words now.


6 responses to “the man with one red shoe

  1. lost is the best show on tv. ever. this pic of charlie makes me sad all over again…

    i think this is your best post. ever. lovin’ the rollovers.

    and i love watching all those shows with you. except trick my truck. and i don’t like the montalongos either. but you know this already.

    and yes, where’s andre? i miss him.

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  3. we’re “lost” without ‘scranton’, “lost” without ‘hell’s kitchen’, ‘lost’ b/c we can’t ‘curb our enthusiasm’. and just plain ol ‘lost’ over ‘lost’…thank goodness we have directtv so we can still enjoy the ‘lights’ of ‘friday night’

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