national lampoon’s jones family vacation

under the sea

I had hoped to post a new message every day of this trip to luscious Destin, Fl, but the fact that these condos offer WiFi at the rate of $10 a day has caused me to 1.) Realize that’s just not gonna happen my friend… 2.) pick my jaw up off of the floor… and 3.) get all MacGyver and find a way to connect the macbook pro to a MotorolaQ.

Now that the Q has been hacked, it’s now functioning as my own little WiFi modem without charging me an additional dime. Handy.

Pleasantries aside, here is the important news: Roadtrip soundtrack for the drive down to Destin (roughly 11 hours). I did not have time to create any new playlists before we hit the road, so this was a total stream of conciousness drive. Here are a few highlights:

I’m all about sharing, and I’d love for yout share with me. Any favorite tunes of yours that I need to know about before our return roadtrip?


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