strangers with candy


I am beyond jealous… beyond envious… and it’s all my fault. Last week I stumbled across a blurb on ilounge about a weekend hack-a-thon in San Francisco dedicated to the iPhone. It looked like something that at least one person from my team needed to be a part of. A bunch of geeks breaking open the iPhone and developing web-apps and sites that would function well in the mobile environment. (and with that note, most everyone reading this just left the page.)

I asked Adam if he was free for a working-weekend trip to San Francisco… As you can imagine he was. I mean, my mom would go to this shindig if it meant a trip to San Francisco, never mind that there will be more lightsabers there than at one of my son’s summer sleepovers.

So Adam said yes, the powers-that-be at work approved the expense and Adam registered for the event.

Then, the event took off…. heavy sponsorship has rolled in to provide food and swag… Apple folks are going to be there to interact with these hackers… that’s crazy enough, but what’s killing me is that this geek-together is going to be hosted at Adobe. THE ADOBE! If you are not a creative, lemme ‘splain, this would be like Porche hosting an event for people who like to work on cars… Like Schlitz hosting a convention of NASCAR aficionados.

I… I…. I….. I am out of words now.


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  1. I’m Jealous of my self! Seems too good to be true.

    I don’t know what I’m more excited about free trip to Cali, 3 day long programmer nerd camp… or FREAKING ADOBE!

    I’ll document the whole process and let everyone know my joy!

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