throw momma from the chain (letter)

My friend Guy (a.k.a. The Short Fat Kid) has tagged me to share 8 random things about myself. I have two conflicts with this request:

  1. If I shared eight oddities in one post, that would blow my blog material for about two months, and…
  2. I have given Sarabeth hell about of all of the chain letters that she and her friends have passed around through email over the last few years, and I would NEVER hear the end of it were I to follow through with Guy’s request.

Well, I don’t want to be a jerk and not fulfill this invitation, so I’ve come up with an end-around: I give you, 8 things I’ve learned from The Short Fat Kid:

  1. Old school video games + art exhibit = extraawesome.
  2. There are several horrible ways to die.
  3. Brass-Monkey is still that funky monkey.
  4. D.C. is a haven for Tiny Ninjas.
  5. I have a new parental insecurity.
  6. Gladiators were people too.
  7. My grandchildren will be confined to their rooms at all times.
  8. How to blog.

I am out of words now.


4 responses to “throw momma from the chain (letter)

  1. it’s just a shame, honey, that you are so shy and introverted and it’s so hard for you to share about yourself…I’d love it if you could come out of your shell just a bit…

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