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Reckless Kelly

I love being a dad. It’s what I always wanted to be when I grew up. You know that career question that you get at work from time to time “so, where do you see yourself in five years?”… my first thought is always: being the best dad that i can be for my three kids. But being a dad has cut short one of my passions – experiencing really good live music in small vibrant venues.

This week, Sarabeth let me slip out on a school night to get a firat hand look at one of my favorite bands. Reckless Kelly came to town and their live shows are legendary. I needed to see it. As much as dance means to her , SB knows live music means just as much to me. Feeling the deep percussion of the kick drum… witnessing a guitarist dance with his instrument… experiencing the vocalist feel his words as he shares them with the world… there is a power there that moves me like no other. So, last Tuesday…

…I called Bucket, and we snuck out to see these Austin boys. There is no myth to this legend. For two+ hours Reckless Kelly thrilled us. Driving alt country that makes Nashville look silly. Drinking songs and heartfelt ballads that made me proud to be from the Hill Country. Man, I’ve missed this. They played the Revolution Music Room, an acoustically vibrant joint, to perfection. Should Reckless Kelly pass your way — even if you don’t like indie-country — GO SEE THEM!

Here are two reasons why:

i am out of words now.