grosse pointe blank

My friend, Todd, is celebrating his High School 20th Reunion this weekend…

TWENTY, wow. While he was living la vida Breakfast Club, I was living la vida Goonies…

Todd asked me to help him put together a playlist to mark this milestone, and I have a few ideas for him (Friday I’m In LoveFight For Your RightDesireRoni), but I’d really love to hear your suggestions. So… please, friends, think broad audience, think 1987 and pass them along.

I am out of words now.


4 responses to “grosse pointe blank

  1. think 1987 – ok, i was a sophomore with a huge crush on this guy that was dating a junior. i totally broke them up…

    oh, you mean SONGS. you know i’m no good at this game. love you though. let’s watch gpb tonight, i forgot how funny it was.

  2. Top 10 albums of 1987. Strangely, I only have four of the ten.

    1. Guns ‘N Roses – Appetite For Destruction
    2. Anthrax – Among The Living
    3. King Diamond – Abigail
    4. Helloween – Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I
    5. Testament – The Legacy
    6. Celtic Frost – Into The Pandemonium
    7. Voivod – Killing Technology
    8. Napalm Death – Scum
    9. Candlemass – Nightfall
    10. Death – Scream Bloody Gore

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