the hudsucker proxy

Seth Godin

A decade ago I began reading  Fast Company magazine. Rolling Stone was much more in my mode of thought, but I found it lying around the gym one day, and I was completely drawn in by the insight and wit that consistently ran through the pages. Fast Company introduced me to a new distant-mentor, Seth Godin. His words and shared ideas have inspired me to think… think in ways that are not in line with conventional wisdom, yet they totally make sense. Tonight, Seth has inspired me again…

I just finished his mammoth (76 tiny pages) The Dip. All Marketers Are Liars has been my favorite of Seth’s books, and it still is, but this short sweet diatribe has a highly-valued place as well. The message – in your career, quit or be the best – those are the only two worthwhile options that you have. It may sound brutal or overly simplistic, but the concept resonates.

I’m out of words now.


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  1. hey! i just realized…TAIDO has a PICTURE.

    now that’s turning a corner, folks. Next thing you know, David Harvey will be out here calling himself LotharoftheHillPeople.

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