dr. strangepup or: how i learned to stop worrying and love the blog


Stop #2 on this Tour de Blog LR takes us to strangepup. The blog is not so much about Little Rock, as much as it is the work of a LR icon, Philip Martin, and his cast of friends. Martin’s day job is to review films for Arkansas’s most widely read newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette…

You’ve heard of a “one-paper town”, Arkansas is a “one-paper state”. And Martin has the best job at the paper. “Whoa,” you say, “music critic is the best gig.” Right. Tell me that after you see a music critic wrapping up their work day amongst ashtrays @ 2 a.m. while the film critic is sleeping, perhaps dreaming about the next film junket they’ll attend in California or Utah.

Back to the blog. Martin and crew are intelligent and super-skilled in the craft of writing. And when those attributes are mashed up with the interesting articles/videos/tidbits that they find throughout their days, you and I are rewarded greatly. Go check out the extraawesomeness.

I’m out of words now.