a league of their own

kat and karl 2007 / 84boxes

I have to make up for a little bit of lost time, so tonight let’s check out two blogs… stops four and five if you are keeping score at home. On my journey through Little Rock blogs I’ve found a husband and wife that truly stand out. Kat and Karl have been at this since 2005, and these folks are prolific in their prose. (Kat alone has over 500 posts on her blog)…

Here is the Technorati description of Kat and Karl 2007…:

The inspirational life of two extraordinary recently married twenty somethings. originally started to keep in touch with out of state family and friends. developing into a blogging obsession!

I’d say the self-description is on target. It’s a fantastic slice of life. These folks are working with a purpose ( Kat / Karl ) and throwing a helluva party while they’re at it.

84boxes reminds me a lot of the short fat kid. Whatever interesting item Karl stumbles across, he shares it with the world. He’s walking a fun path, and you’ll enjoy the things that he finds along the way.

I’m out of words now.