sense and sensibility


my little life is home to the thoughts/creations of decorator/artist/philosopher Jerusalem Greer, and it is Little Rock blog number six observed on this stroll through my electronic village.

This is what you will find at my little life: beauty and observation. Judging by Jerusalem’s (by the way, what an unusual name) self description intro…

Jerusalem is my name, and I am the Mudder of 2 boys and the Sweetie of 1 man…

…you may think that you are in for a mommy-blog. Thankfully, you’re not. Though her kids appear to be very near the center of her life they are part-time players in this slice of Little Rock life. To get a taste of what my little life has to offer, read this and this and this.

I’m… wait… I’m still looking for LR blogs to review. C’mon folks, play along with me.

Now… I’m out of words.


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