the longest yard

Razorback Expats

LR Blog #8 is grandfathered in to the classification of being a Little Rock blog. The Expats reside in Oakland, CA and Atlanta, GA respectively, but they were raised in Little Rock. (I’m stretching the limits due to the fact that only Floaty has passed along a list of folks worth touring.) …

Razorback Expats is — and I just now realized this… after all of the photoshop work… and the linking — a whole week old! I’m at a loss for words… I just… I’m sorry, but… Well… Let’s just ignore that fact and keep on rollin’ with Nolan. (Fellas, for the love of Lou, please don’t give up on this blogging thing in the next week or next month.)

What sets this blog apart from the many Razorback blogs on this intergalactic highway of information, is that Razorback Expats offers a long-distance view of the Arkansas sports scene. I hope they stick it out, because it will be nice to see how they handle the new season of Las Cronicas Locas De Boss Hawg.

I’m out of words now.


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  1. Thanks for the post! And don’t worry…we’re definitely not going to give up on this blogging thing. If we do, may the (metaphorical) ghosts of Nolan, Eddie, Lou and Ken haunt us forever and always.

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