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In the interest of full-disclosure, I should let you know blog #9 is that of a friend of mine. In fact, she is the one who first sparked my interest in this narcissistic hobby of blogging. If my words ever offend… blame Alison. …

If you care for the craft of writing, then you should enjoy any time spent @ the chino house. Alison Chino is a true word smith and she wants you to think so, too. That is a good thing. She cares that the folks who stop by for a few minutes aren’t wasting their time. (If only the dude abides visitors were so lucky… i just spout of until i run out of words.)

I appreciate the pride that she takes in putting her words together. But more than that, I appreciate her candor and the little bits of her soul that are infused within her posts. If you take the time to drop by, it won’t be long before you see the truth in my observation. The chino house is a beautiful slice of Little Rock life. For a few samples, read this and this and this.
I’m out of words now.


One response to “life is beautiful

  1. soooo nice, bryan.

    such a sweet welcome home. sigh.

    thanks for the text message. i would have texted back but i take too long. it irritates me.

    and yay for jerusalem’s blog on the 30 in 30!!! and of course i love both of our movie titles. it’s always fun to me when i actually recognize the movie titles you use. ha ha

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