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carl spackler

While baking through a little lawnwork today… and when i say little, i mean four hours in 100 degree heat… I realized that mowing my yard has advanced my career in a huge way. It’s not the immediate satisfaction of seeing instant progress, it’s the time with my iPod.

I’ve always listened to something while mowing, when I was 14 it was Joshua Tree, 17 the Mighty Lemon Drops. Then there was a blessed seven-year hiatus from yardwork until i owned my own house in 1997, and from then until just a couple of years ago, sports talk-radio was my overheated companion. I guess I need something to help me pass the time.  …

Now it’s audiobooks. Apple has made a lot of life easier for me, and learning, may just be the best. Here is a sampling of some of the books that have altered my mind recently:

The World is Flat
All Marketers Are Liars

Re-Imagine Business
Small Is The New Big
The Big Moo
The Tipping Point

Today, I began my second tour through Freakonomics, and I have to say, It’s one of the most fascinating reads (listens) I’ve ever had. If you have any interest in sociology, or why people do what they do, then this is a must be read. Mind-altering is truly an appropriate description.

Taking the time to engage these books has helped this proud owner of a B.A. in History to navigate the business world just a bit better. And, become a little more knowledgeable about things other than the benefits of the 3-4 defense.

I’m out of words now.


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