This weekend during a spontaneous vocabulary lesson with my kids, I naively / accidentally / regrettably let this beauty slip into family legend…

Here’s the scene:

1986. Last day of eighth grade. Middle School gymnasium. Yearbook signing party. Awkward skater kid (sorry, I know that doesn’t help you locate me in this scene…. we were all awkward skater kids) 6′ tall awkward skater kid wearing purple size 13 Chuck Taylors, and a Depeche Mode concert T, wishing he could be Jake, but turning out more like Ducky.

Are you with me? OK. So, I really wanted to have a memorable signature when writing those “Stay Cool!”, “Have an Awesome Summer!”, “%$@& Tha Police!” yearbook salutations. Mind you, my initials are B.J. … that was a whole lot of fun in Middle School … so that wasn’t an option. Then the lights came on when I heard my sister, (she was fluent in Valley Girl,) call me “Bogus!”

And that, friends, is how I came to sign all of those 1986 Jackson Middle School yearbooks: Bogus Bryan Jones.

I’m out of words now.

…and yet i continue writing… find more 80’s slang here.



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  1. true story…i had a friend in high school who RUSHED through the halls of alma high, trying to be the first to sign everyone’s yearbook. he signed along the seam of the book – his tag? “let me be the first to sign your crack”. gross, i know. but true.

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