planes, trains & automobiles

So, it’s been a while…I’ll get back to that.

Once, when I was in high-school i rented Planes, Trains & Automobiles from the corner 7-Eleven. The next day, I went to Slurpee Heaven to return the little nugget of funny, but the store had closed. And when I say closed, I mean the suddenly-out-of-business kind of closed. In the halls of 17-year old justice, that meant the tape was mine… yeah, tape. When i was in high-school DVDs were the property only of exclusive trans-national eye surgeons and hush-money confidants.

The tape is no longer with me.. it didn’t survive my freshman year of college… but, I still love the film, and for the last month (Sarabeth says I’m exaggerating), I have totally been identifying with Neal Page. I CAN’T GET BACK TO CHICAGO!, and when I say I can’t get back to Chicago, I mean Comcast cannot establish my home internet access for anything longer than two-minute intervals. I would say it’s maddening, but honestly, I gave up on it two-weeks ago. The dude is still around, and once normalcy returns to my connectivity, I will again be abiding right here.


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  1. Come on Jones, we know all of your available time and bandwidth are being consumed downloading episodes of The Golden Girls. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right Rose?

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