mad dog and glory

so, here’s the deal… sometimes i miss the morning-med cart. it happens. the daily pay attention pills are accidentally skipped, and the dude abides freely all day long.

today was such a day. these days start like normal, then, well i’ll just say they start out normal…

then there are footballs…

discussions about portobello mushrooms…

there was some pre-Christmas ice cream…

then, i found some caffine, but it didn’t help…

maybe a little patchouli oil. (my boss said i made his office smell like “damned hippy BO”)

oh… i found some great things on the net today: a great Obama video (that is not an endorsement, just a note of appreciation… the only candidate that has drawn me out of my political closet is the Kinkster); a bonkers home theater; a little everyday wookie wisdom; and a bit more.

if you’ve stayed with me this long, check out this cool toy we made for Arkansas. it launched in early january, but that dealie was a major reason for the dude’s lack of abiding in november and december.

hey, if you didn’t already know, the short fat kid has moved to the funk box, and ironical is now the dramatic.

i’m out of words now.
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  1. I wonder if Jeremy Kipnis would just take a hammer to my paltry TV set-up if he ever saw it. Thanks for the linkage!

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