can’t buy me love

elizabeth in the wind

“…this aggression will not stand, man.”

Today (Valentine’s Day) my daughter came home from school with two boxes of chocolates given to her by a boy. I’m sorry, I misspoke. Today my 10-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER came home with two boxes of chocolates given to her BY A BOY! I have so many different responses to that, that I actually have no response. Wait… I just thought of one. Next year we’re not going to celebrate this Hallmark Holiday. That’ll work, won’t it? … The snowball has started rolling downhill, but I knew that it would have to start someday soon. She has her mother’s beauty, and kind heart. The little dude who brought Lil the candy is Jun, the new kid in the class. Jun is both new to her class and new to the US, having moved to Little Rock from South Korea last year. He doesn’t speak much English, but apparently he asks her daily “you like boy?” Lil has been very concerned with Jun feeling welcome and at home in our little burg, and as a dad, that thrills me beyond words. I praise her intelligence. I praise her beauty. But, I celebrate her character.

love the one your with

As I said, Elizabeth’s beauty is totally attributed to her old lady. Today marks the 16th Valentine’s Day in a row, that the cutest girl in class has chosen to be mine. My response to that tidbit of shock and awe can best be summed up in the words of one of her top ten favs.

I’m out of words now.

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