I’ve admitted it before… I have a problem. The past few months have been littered with mindless tv shows, proving that the Writers Guild of America is the most important association in this country. Ok, that may be taking it too far, but when they withhold their talents, we (US Americans) get dumber. It’s not our fault, it’s the tv shows we had to choose from during the WGA strike.

Now that the real shows are prepping for their return, I offer my homage to the shows that I’ll never forget (but will not miss) from the writers strike:

8th-grade gym class
pick a number
are you smarter than a first-grader
can anybody find the tune
salsa me fuego
just because we’re rich, doesn’t mean we’re smart
ow my balls

and most of all:
pull my finger

Did I miss anything?

I’m out of words now.

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  1. gosh, i feel stupid. i should’ve moused over the links! am i smarter than a first grader? prolly not.

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