while (i was) sleeping

This little note kinda shocked me today:

“From your 585 subscriptions, over the last 30 days you read 4,485 items, starred 23 items, shared 204 items, and emailed 0 items.”

I’m not an addict it’s cool, I feel alive… you remember that one, don’t you? …

Aight den, about that addiction, it’s not one… it’s the J.O.B. A few weeks back I decided to start a feed aggregator for interactive advertising newsy bits and pieces that I roll across throughout the day. I thought that it would be less annoying than the constant emails/ims that I rattle off to my cohorts.

So I set up a feed reader to gather all of this nonsense and the feed collection quickly grew to that garish number of 585. It wasn’t so out-of-control until i stumbled across this, and then I lost my mind and added them all.

It has turned out to be a pretty cool tool for busy folks who need to keep up with emerging trends and opportunities in advertising… but who don’t have time for all of the spam that I throw their way.

To see what I’m rambling on about, here is the link: adfeed.extraawesome.com

I’m out of words now.

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