to kill a mockingblog I almost bought it. But, the dude is a pacifist, so I chose not to.

AT&T is now connecting the internets to my house, following a 6 year affair with Comcast. It wasn’t them, it was me. I ask too much. I’m needy. I have expectations that no one can live up to.

So, after giving Comcastic eight months to restore my house with consistent access to the interwebs, I finally took the hint.

Now, back to blogging. I’ve waited to make sure that we really were functional again before I posted. There were some rays of hope in late winter, that led me to believe that the whole brevity thing might be breathing again, but that was pretty short lived. But now, it’s officially stable, and hopefully, I can add a little levity and brevity to the world again.

i’m out of words now.

(by the way, is still available should you have an itch to scratch… i’m just sayin’…)


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