tequila sunrise

Friends, I’m in need of a little help. The National Lampoon’s Jones Family Vacation 2008 has crossed the midline, and I haven’t put together my Shoreline Sunset playlist yet.

Can you help a brother out? Please drop a comment below, and share your suggestions for me Jose and Juicy Lucy to enjoy the last few nights on the beach.

I’m out of words now…


6 responses to “tequila sunrise

  1. Holiday Road by Lindsey Buckingham (too obvious), Subterranean Homesick Blues by Dylan, Fire on the Radio by Corey Harris (no relation), Strange Brew by Cream, Turn on Your Love Light by the Grateful Dead, Lazy Bird by John Coltrane, Genius by Kings of Leon, I Gotta Get Drunk by The Little Willies, Jet by Wings, Maps and Legends by R.E.M., Drink your whiskey down by Reckless Kelly, Passenger Side by Wilco, and finally…
    Sex Bomb by Tom Jones

  2. “One Won’t Kill You,” The Reds; “Drink to Me Then Babe,” A.C. Newman; “Too Drunk To Dream,” The Magnetic Fields; “Watch As They Go,” American Princes; “No Regrets,” King Khan & the Shrines; “Hit That,” M.I.A.; “Head Spins,” High Places; “Massive Nights,” The Hold Steady…

  3. drew. nicole. i love you both!


    my music library contains over 16K songs, but you’ve dropped several tracks that are completely new to me.

    thanks for playing along, I’ll try them out now.

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