cannonball run

So, here they are, the entrants in the for the First Dooce Almighty Memorial Blog Give-Away. I am delighted to say that I know and care about each one of you guys. I am also glad that my mom didn’t comment 572 times, just to make me feel better about myself. (To be honest it might take Jan-Baby a flashlight and a week to find my blog.)

Under the intense supervision of my biggest little dude, Jonathan the Just, all names were placed in the hat and shuffled for approximately, 47.89 seconds. Give or take .32 seconds. As promised, Sweet Sarabeth then blindly drew the winning name.

And the winner is …

That is really cool. Of course it would have been cool if anyone of you dearies had won, but Kelli is a brilliant young writer at the Agency where I work. All day long, she is witty and clever on demand, so I’m thrilled that she is going to have an outlet to be independently creative.

Thanks for playing along, friends.

I’m out of words now…


5 responses to “cannonball run

  1. Thanks! I’m so excited! I think the majority of it will be about the trials and tribulations of building a new house (We should break ground in the next three weeks). and maybe clothes. I like clothes.

  2. it’s so wrong that my lack of connection to the internets caused me to miss out on the fun.

    Maybe next year, eh?

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