the big leblogski

A year ago I started a project reviewing/sharing with the world 30 Little Rock blogs in 30 days. The journey was a lot of fun, but the epic Comcast failure at my house led to it’s premature demise. The house where the dude abides has fully recovered from the Comcastrophe, so I’m re-launching this local blog tour.

Here is the list of the blog’s that have already been visited on the tour:  …

2. strangepup
3. the local pro’s:

4. Kat and Karl 2007…
5. 84boxes
6. my little life
7. Floaty’s Arkansas TV news and culture blog
8. Razorback Expats
9. chino house
10. Pointed Stick
11. Arkansaw Pitchers,

The original request from the beginning of this internets road trip is once again in play: friends, give me a hand, leave me a comment, and point me in the direction of some of your favorite blogs from our southern metropolis.

Seriously, I need your input, people. Fortunately, It has almost been an entire year since we stalled out, and I know there has to be some fresh talent out there. I’m anxious to see where the road will lead.

I’m out of words now…


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