all of me

Today is another day forcing me to realize how old I am. Seriously, I’m ready to move to Hot Springs Village and buy a WebTV. (They’re still around. I know because in January, we had to reformat a site to be operate on one)

On this day back in 1993, Sarabeth Mahnken foolishly stood up in front of a jury of her peers, and exchanged vows with me. OK, so we had more than 12 in our bridal party…there were 16, and I’m not including our beloved ushers and the other 2nd string attendants. It was a big crew. …

Children. We were children. I’m still shocked that we pulled it off. I still had two years of college left (due to academically red-shirting my freshman year) and Sarabeth was hired by Baylor to travel around and recruit highscholl students to spend the “best years of thier lives” in Waco, TX. I still vividly remember studying for my first set of finals after we married and I realizing “Wow, If I screw up this time I’m gonna ruin two lives, not just one!” No pressure.

So, now I’ve had 15 years to run her off, but she still chooses to stay. I’ve accidentally tried hard to do it, but she understands me as noone else can, so she knows that somehow it will work out. She’s one stubborn amiga. And there is nothing in life for which I am more grateful.

Happy 15 Sunshine! You always leave me at a loss for words…


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  1. awww… happy anniversary guys! what a lovely post (and your hair is WAY BETTER then back in the day- dude, that superman curl rocks- no wonder she fell for you instantly)

  2. hmm – our hair has gotten smaller, and the rest of us has gotten bigger.

    happy fifteen to you too, baby! right back atcha on the “no one else can…” i love you.

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