saving silverman vol.25 (now featuring a working link!)

I have a pretty bad predisposition to dislike the popular thing. Like “Hot New!” indies that incessantly pop up on the net that everyone must listen to right now, and adopt them into their music lexicon. I don’t like being told what I should and shouldn’t adore based on the wisdom of crowds.

Because of that, I can be a little bit behind the curve for actually discovering new talent like Vampire Weekend and Black Kids. I was supposed to love both of these bands a year ago. That’s exactly why I didn’t. Now, looking at my played music history, I listen to them pretty much every other day.

I’m not telling you to like them… Fine, I am. I’m just like everybody else. This is me, part of the crowd, telling you to that I think you’d love both bands.

So, here is cover queen Kate Nash covering I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You originally recorded by Black Kids.

I’m out of words now…