be kind rewind vol.2

This week, we honor the Olympic Games.

Asian Backstreet Boys

Via the Wiki of Pedia, here’s the backstory on Wei Wei and Huang Yi Xin a.k.a. The Back Dorm Boys

As many fans do not know the real names of the Back Dorm Boys, Wei Wei is often called simply “the big one” and Huang Yi Xin “the small one”. In most videos, Wei Wei is seated on the viewer’s right and Huang Yi Xin on the left. Huang Yi Xin has a cast on his left arm in some early videos from when he got hurt playing basketball.

The Back Dorm Boys made their first video just for fun, to show to their friends. They had seen a funny 10-second lip sync video, and wanted to try creating something similar for an entire song. They completed their first video in March 2005, after much trial and error. They uploaded the finished video to the local network at their college. The other students liked it very much so that they helped to spread the videos out. The Back Dorm Boys made use of their art school education to help them prepare the composition, visual effects, and lighting in their videos.

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