the willinator

a.k.a. The Big Show

a.k.a. The Big Show

We have this Christmas tradition of covering the tree with coupons after the kids have finally hit the rack on Christmas Eve. These personalized coupons cover things like “Sipping @ Starbucks with Mom” or “Donuts with Dad” (that one seems to be re-usable) and they’re cashed in throughout the year.

Last Sunday, my littlest little dude cashed in his “Build Me a Blog” coupon. He was the last in the family to stake a flag in the world wide interweb, but he jumped in with gusto.

He picked the theme, name, and his header image in all of 2 minutes.

Then, it was time to write the first post. “Will,” I said, “what do you say when you meet someone…what do you tell them about yourself?”

“Uhhh…Oh! I know! I say ‘Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die.'”

Excellent. He is already speaking in movies. For his about page, I asked him what his blog was going to be about.

I’m funny, and this website is all about funny.”

My pride cup runneth over. Hop on over to The Willinator and check out his site.

I’m out of words now…

…One more thing… The Willinator found a perfect youtube clip to sum himself up. But there was a problem since there’s a bit of swearing at the end of the clip. We couldn’t let him put the clip on his site… but this clip is extraawesome, and I couldn’t pass on it. I mean, c’mon, it’s Inigo Montoya wielding a lightsaber!