Reckless Kelley - Bulletproof

Reckless Kelley - Bulletproof

If you’re not a Reckless Kelly fan yet, I’m about to change that. Bulletproof, their first studio recording in three years dropped this summer, and it has grown on me so much that it’s now my favorite album of the 2008. It’s also my favorite Reckless album.

Rebellious alt-country never sounded so good.

Here are a couple of tracks for you to sample with the understanding that if you dig ’em, you’ll go out and buy the full album at your dealer of choice. C’mon folks, support independent music!

Ragged As The Road (mp3)
Passin’ Through (mp3)

I’m out of words now…


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  1. Those are my friends Jonesy…Willie and Cody. All these Texas music acts are my buddies…I’ve either played on stage with them…been employed by them…or had them on my radio show. Who else are you in to….on the Texas music scene.

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