gone in sixty seconds

This aggression will not stand man.

I just got off of the phone with the fine folks of Bank of America, and it appears that my bank account has been emptied by some dude cruising the truck stops of Tennessee.

Here’s the scam: you use your credit/cash card at a gas station and the gas station’s lax security allows your bank account info to linger on the local network just long enough for a scumbag with skills to pull your digits and head out the door with access to all of your dough.

That is until the dough has all been spent, which took just less than eight hours. In a way, I pity poor little skillful scummy, ’cause he robbed the wrong dude… man, I’ve got three kids and a mortgage and the first of the month is about a week away. I would have loved to have been there when the card was denied due to insufficient funds. Surely he expected that gravy train to carry him a little further, like, all the way across Tennessee.

Here’s the lesson to be learned: Stick to the gas stations you know well. I would say “the gas stations where you won’t get robbed” but for the last two years, they’ve all been robbing us. According to B of A, (most likely) this is the joint where I was scammed: Pilot Travel Center

No Good Deals has more on this sad state of affairs.

I’m out of words now…


5 responses to “gone in sixty seconds

  1. You know, if you used Summit Bank, they vow to protect your money whether its in your account or in your pocket. Or at least that’s what I wrote for their last ad. I don’t actually know if they agree with that statement yet…
    But that sucks. Hopefully you get that sorted out soon.

  2. actually, honey – i just forgot to tell you that melany and i went on a little trip yesterday. she really likes hanging out at gas stations. in tennessee. go figure.

  3. uncool and totally unabiding. i pity the fool as well- don’t he know that you’re the king of the internets?
    bad form, robber, bad form indeed…

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