be kind rewind vol.8

Dancing Cadet

Personally, I had always believed this to be a fake “Punked” video. I was wrong.

Via Wikipedia:

Jeffrey Pelehac, or “The Dancing Cadet” (born 1982, hometown Republic, Pennsylvania) became famous in 2005 after a viral video of him dancing was placed on YouTube by his roommate. At the time, Pelehac was a sophomore cadet in the Class of 2007 at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs…The video itself was much commented on and also served to familiarize the public with the concept of “viral video” itself.

His roommate, Brian Stoops, used a candid camera to film Pelehac without the latter’s knowledge. The video was at first shown to friends and was then posted on various Internet sites, which brought both of them widespread coverage. Pelehac danced to several songs, most notably Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), a hit by C+C Music Factory from 1991.

That dude is rollin’. I’d love to see what he’d do with a little Kid-N-Play.

I’m out of words now…