one tweet over the cuckoo’s nest

I laugh out loud at my phone. All the time. I get these text messages from Shaquille O’Neal, and they’re just about the funniest things I’ve ever read. John Hodgman (you may know him as PC from the Apple commercials) his texts make me look silly, too. Dooce, her messages are equally hi-larious.

Obviously, these folks aren’t texting me. I follow Shaq, Dooce, Hodgman and about 80 other folks on Twitter. It took a while for Twitter to win me over, but through the course of the ’08 Presidential election, I grew to love it a little. It has a place. It serves a purpose. And now, this dude is throwing Twitter his endorsement as a valuable platform for communication.

follow me:

I use Twitter to learn, to share and to laugh… a lot. If you’re still unclear of why Twitter would be worth your time, try these analogies:

For IMers, it’s Instant Messaging on a grand scale.

For you FB fans out there, think of Twitter as Facebook on a diet, displaying only status updates.

For bloggers, think of it as blogging boiled down to 140 characters. (Ah, the whole brevity thing!)

For you Tumblrs, think of it as Tumblr-lite with a slicker community interface larger community.

Twitter is a unique tool for sharing ideas, and it has reached a tipping point of sorts with media outlets of all varieties jumping into the game. A few weeks back, Arkansas Business’ Lance Turner (he of the steady Little Rock media takeover) assembled his thoughts on Twitter via his blog, and his other blog, and then again on his blog. Lance kindly included me in his list of local Twits, and a couple of days later, i had an additional 50 folks subscribe to follow my Twitter updates. Insanity. That’s a way larger number than the number of folks who abide with me here on wholebrevitything.

Twitter will evolve, just as Facebook has, but it is here to stay. It’s time for you to join in the fun. So, go on then, Tweet away.  Srsly.

I’m out of words now…

(and you MUST follow Shaqtastic!)

Update: Lance has posted the Arkansas Twitter Guide. It’s doable, we have a small state


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  1. OK, you convinced me. I am a convert. Or else, I was tired of just playing on facebook. Either way, Im there.

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