the big night

the dramatic and the dude

the dramatic and the dude

It was almost a decade ago when the dramatic and I had our great expectations realized when we broke away from our little ones for a date night with the beautiful Moulin Rouge. We were huge Baz Luhrmann from the moment we saw Strictly Ballroom and when we heard that he was making a flick with Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman we counted the days until we could see this epic. We loved it. In fact after the credits rolled, we left the theater, strolled into a nearby Target, and bought the soundtrack so that we could enjoy the moment a little longer as we re-entered the real world. Great love story. Great soundtrack. The most lush visuals we had ever seen on film. We really loved everything about it. …

Tonight, we had the same movie going experience with Slumdog Millionaire. Intrigued by the awards earned at the Golden Globes and enabled by willing grandparents, we ditched the Little Dudes and the Little Dudette and ventured out with high hopes.

Truly worth every penny and more. It was a two-hour journey through another world. Given the chance, we’d go again…right now. With a script as well crafted as The Usual Suspects and a selfless love story rivaling WALL-E (and if you laugh at that, you’ve obviously not seen Pixar’s masterpiece) Slumdog Millionaire is what a night at the movies often hopes for, but rarely delivers.

What I’m trying to say here is that if you love the cinema, I encourage you to see this jewel – but don’t dig up any inside info before heading out. Let it be a wonderful surprise. Enjoy the film with another film lover. Willingly suspend disbelief for a little while, and immerse yourself in the journey laid out before you.

Then go home and download the delicious soundtrack. I just did, and just as with Moulin Rouge, I’m enjoying the trip all over again.

I’m out of words now…


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