you’ve got (chain)mail

I have been tagged. Twice. First beeps caught me via WordPress, and then Guy via the Tumblrs. The object of the game is to share 16 things about yourself, and then pass the baton. If this goes on long enough, I think that we’ll eventually find out where Bruce Lee, Elvis and Tupac are hiding out.

Without any kind of theme, here are my 16:

  1. I was accepted to Baylor University eight times.
  2. I once worked at a sandwich shop where we had to greet customers as they walked in the door by saying “Welcome to Substop, home of the 18-incher.” We had T-shirts emblazoned with the same message.
  3. For two years, I worked at a party picture company called Flash.
  4. If you put the two preceding items together, you’ve got a career written in the stars.
  5. I have been detained by Johnny Law five times, but bail was only required thrice.
  6. My grandfather was born without a first or middle name, just the initials J.B.
  7. One Summer I worked as a professional cowboy in Colorado.
  8. My dress shirt are size is 19.5 x 38
  9. When I was young, I wanted to be a Jawa when I grew up. That, or a dentist.
  10. For Halloween, when I was six, I dressed as Space Ace Frehley from Kiss.
  11. I went through thirteen skateboards in three years of middle school.
  12. My diploma declares that I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in History.
  13. I am married to a woman who holds Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.
  14. On paper we are unemployable.
  15. For the last ten years, we have had two 18-wheelers up on blocks at our family ranch north of Austin.
  16. Counting college and high school, I have formally studied German for six years, yet all that I can clearly recall is: “Ich habe eine grosse bleistift.”

Now, let’s see if Alison, Lance, Wade and Rich want to play along.

I’m out of words now…


9 responses to “you’ve got (chain)mail

  1. only one required your wife to run down the street screaming – “He’s a YOUTH PASTOR!!!”

    and sadly, my german is worse. You have a big… what? I’m only asking so that all Office fans can now scream at their monitors…

  2. [16 totally random things? yeah alright ‘ll give it a go] x

    [also is it really possible to be born without a first and middle name because that’s actually pretty kool]

  3. @squarebrackets, when he enlisted in the army for WW2, he was told that he had to have real names. so when he was 19, his name was changed to Jesse Ben, but he never stopped going by J.B.

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