sweet and (s)lowdown

Savinelli Slowdown (B-Side)

Savinelli Slowdown (B-Side)

The original playlist was comprised of 103 tracks. In the spirit of the CD, I try to limit my mixes to be burnable for the standard car stereo. So Savinelli Slowdown was a version, my best version, of a CD for mellowing a bit.

But after a couple of days passed by, I thought “man, I wish ‘x’ would have been on there.” And, “Gah! I can’t believe that I cut ‘z’ from the list.”

So Here is the B-Side to Savinelli Slowdown – the regrets.

Cheers, friends! …

[download savinelli slowdown b-side]

1. Empty (Live) / Ray LaMontagne
2. Typical Situation (Acoustic) / Dave Matthews Band
3. Come Down (Acoustic) / Bush
4. Straight To Hell (the clash cover) / Josh Rouse
5. Out to Get You / James
6. Re: Stacks / Bon Iver
7. Dreams (fleetwood mac cover) / The Morning Benders
8. Looking For The Heart of Saturday Night (tom waits cover) / Shawn Colvin
9. Speed of Sound of Loneliness (john prine cover) / Amos Lee
10. How Can I Tell You (cat stevens cover) / Ben Taylor
11. My Love (justin timberlake cover) / Tender Forever
12. Kid A (radiohead Cover) (live) / John Mayer
13. Albion (Acoustic) / Pete Doherty
14. Sting – Roxanne (Live) / Sting
15. Rocket Man (elton john cover) / Jason Mraz
16. Hello (lionel ritchie cover) / Blackbird Harmony
17. These Days (jackson browne cover) / Denison Witmer
18. Hallelujah – Live (leonard cohen cover) / Ari Hest

For the orginal version, here’s the link: the big easy

I’m out of words now…


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