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My Home Screen #2

I love photography. ( It runs in the family ) I love to trap a moment, and hold onto it forever. If you are patient and curious you can collect some very special slices of life. One of my favorite things about the magic phone is that it makes sharing these moments so very easy to do. I send a lot of pictures to the web from my little, hand held friend.

The magic phone is ultra-capable  – you may have heard, there an app for just about anything. The ability to edit pictures on the iPhone is a really cool feature, and one that I take advantage of all of the time. Here is a quick look at the apps i use to style my mobile pics. …

CameraBag: This is a one-stop shop of awesomeness. One of my first photography apps for the iPhone and still one of my favorites. This $3 application offers nine different styles which can be applied to any image housed on the phone, or the styles can be applied as the photgraphs are made through the application. I really like the square ratio that is delivered by the “Helga” and “Lolo” styles. It reminds me of my old Hasselblads.

CameraBag for iPhone

CameraBag for iPhone

TiltShift: A fun $2 application for manipulating perspective and depth of field, TiltShift allows for a lot of creative expression. I don’t use TiltShift as much as I use the other photography apps, but when I do, I’m always pleased with the results.

TiltShift for the iPhone

TiltShift / CameraBag for iPhone

FocalLab: Similar in service to TiltShift, FocalLab offers the ability to alter the appearance of an image’s depth of field. FocalLab also offers the ability to ad faux-motion to an image with multiple “blur” options. FocalLab carries a price tag of $2.

CameraKit: The easiest to use of all of the photography applications that i own. CameraKit, another $2 application, makes it very easy to add vignetting, saturated processing, and a slightly softened focus to any image.

Photogene: The swiss army knife of iPhone photography applications, Photogene offers a user-friendly interface for performing several essential photo-editing tasks. I use this $3 app for adding a slight white border to my images.

FocalLab / Photogene for iPhone

FocalLab / CameraKit / Photogene for iPhone

ToyCamera: I was too much of a creative snob to buy ToyCamera when it first came to the app store. It was a toy for the folks who didn’t know how to use the legitimate tools – at least that is what I thought back then. A few weeks ago, a friend at work showed me some shots that he had taken with this $1 app, and I was floored with how cool they looked. I use ToyCamera to deliver random processing effects for cool antiqued photographs.

ToyCamera / Photogene for iPhone

ToyCamera / Photogene for iPhone

QuadCam: Another one of the painfully simple to use applications, QuadCam produces some incredible stories. The images captured with this $2 application allow the viewer to see a moment from several different perspectives enabling the imagination to create a unique narrative. I am a big fan of QuadCam.

QuadCam for iPhone

QuadCam for iPhone

I’m out of words now…


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