polaroids from the edge

not scary big daddy voice

It’s an unwritten rule that when you take a family vacation to the beach, at some point you must get the family dressed up and head to the shore for the group pics. I used to dread this event. With. A. Passion. When the kids were younger I had to resort to scary big daddy voice in order to get them to line up and smile. I mean, smile at the same time. In the same millisecond. Instead of handing them a story to remember, I handed them a nightmare to run away from. It didn’t work out the way I wanted.

So we changed. We’ve only got a few years with these dearies before they leave our hive, so let’s not waste a chance for an awesome memory. Now we give the kids more freedom, and they give us this:

elizabeth and jonathan

Lilly on the shore

Don't mess with mama

Jonathan on the shore


me and my boys, we make noise


The happy couple

If you want to see the real photo essay of our trip, Sarabeth has a great series running here, here, here and here.

I’m out of words now…


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