(ad)space jam

We interrupt this blog’s silence to bring you an important alert:

The NBA has canceled the Dunk Contest and is instead moving forward with a NBA/Kia commercial.

I would have loved to have had a warning like that instead of wasting any emotion thinking that there was actually a competition in Saturday night’s nonsense. Here is the punchline:

All of the build-up to see the league’s favorite new star (kind of) jump over the Official Car of the NBA. That stunt has been done to death, and I do mean the product placement as well as the dunk. Here’s a flashback from 2005:

Did you see that Skywalker actually jumped over the car instead of the front bumper of the Official Car of The NBA? The most imaginative competitor of the night, in my opinion, was clearly The Washington Wizards’ Javale McGee:

Oh well, at least the infomercial the NBA conned us into watching was entertaining. Now if you want to see a real dunk competition, here’s a one man dunk competition named Kadour Ziani:

I’m out of words now….


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  1. Wow, I had to double take that there was an unread post here. Had no idea you watched the dunks & I completely agree on the assessment. I need an app of feed called (jones wrote something) to keep up ;)

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