joe dirt

This part of the world is known as “The Redneck Riveria” and some days that name seems completely unfair. Then there comes a day like today, and you think “oh, yeah. totally earned.”

Sarabeth’s little oasis of solar recharging was invaded today by OPT (other peoples tunes). The tunes came with a crowd that hailed from Tennessee, and I think that they take a little Tennessee (circa 1985) with them wherever they go. Gold chains, man. They were wearing gold chains. One dude confidently sported white trunks… I guess they did go with his gold chain.

Back to the OPT. Rockytop brought a boombox with them, and here is a sampling of the soundtrack they played throughout the day:

Shakin’ – Eddie Money
Only Wanna Be With You – Hootie
Jungle Love – Steve Miller Band
If You Want My Body – Rod Stewart
Shake It Up – The Cars
Say It Isnt So – The Outfield
Fantasy – Aldo Nova
Vacation – The Go Gos
and many more songs that can be found on Freedom Rock or any other K-Tel classic.

I’m sure that SB will have more to say about this, I just wanted to pass along the playlist.

I’m out of words now.


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  1. ok, so clearly i meant rod stewart but the boyz are screaming at me to stop bloggin and go to the beach…

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